Besides the self-paced videos what other collaterals are available for learning?

Besides the self-paced videos what other collaterals are available for learning?

Besides the self-paced videos that are part of your certification program, CHRMP provides you with access to a comprehensive set of valuable collaterals designed to enhance your learning experience. These collaterals include:

Text Lessons:
In addition to video content, you will have access to text-based lessons that complement and reinforce the concepts covered in the videos.
Text lessons offer a written format to further solidify your understanding of the HR topics and principles.

Free Template and Form Downloads:
CHRMP offers a collection of free templates and forms related to various HR processes and practices.
These downloadable resources can be valuable tools to support your HR initiatives and streamline your professional endeavors.

Microlearning Revision Videos:
To support your revision and reinforce key concepts, CHRMP provides microlearning revision videos.
These bite-sized videos focus on essential topics, making it convenient for you to review specific subjects quickly.

Complete Courseware for Download:
As part of your certification program, you will have the option to download the complete courseware.
The downloadable courseware allows you to access the course content offline, enabling you to study at your own pace and convenience.

By offering these additional collaterals, CHRMP aims to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience, catering to various learning preferences and needs. We encourage you to make the most of these resources to maximize the benefits of your CHRMP certification program.

If you have any specific questions or require further information about the collaterals or any other aspect of your certification program, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. We are here to support you throughout your certification journey and ensure you have a fulfilling and enriching learning experience.