Can I give recommendations or suggestions about the topics for a CPD masterclass?

Can I give recommendations or suggestions about the topics for a CPD masterclass?

Absolutely! At CHRMP, we highly value the input and feedback of our participants and are always open to receiving recommendations and suggestions for topics to be covered in our future masterclasses. We believe that your insights play a crucial role in shaping our offerings and ensuring that we deliver content that is relevant and beneficial to you.

There are various channels through which you can provide your recommendations or suggestions:

  1. CHRMP Academy Telegram Group: Engage with our vibrant community on Telegram and share your ideas for potential masterclass topics. Collaborating with fellow HR professionals can lead to inspiring and insightful discussions.

  2. CHRMP Roadmap: Stay updated with our roadmap, where we outline our plans for upcoming masterclasses and other offerings. Feel free to provide input on topics that interest you and align with your learning objectives.

  3. CHRMP Academy Forums: Participate in our forums and share your thoughts on potential masterclass topics. These forums serve as a platform for interactive discussions and exchanging ideas with other participants.

  4. CHRMP Academy: If you are currently enrolled in a CHRMP certification program, the academy is an excellent place to provide your suggestions for future masterclasses. Your input is valuable in shaping the future of our learning offerings.

  5. Support Ticket: If you prefer a direct communication channel, you can raise a support ticket at Our dedicated support team will ensure that your recommendations and suggestions reach the right channels for consideration.

Your insights and ideas play a pivotal role in enriching our masterclass offerings and ensuring that we cater to the evolving needs of HR professionals worldwide. We are committed to continuous improvement and delivering exceptional learning experiences, and your input helps us achieve this goal. Thank you for being an active part of the CHRMP community and for contributing to the growth and success of our programs. Together, we can shape the future of HR excellence!

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