How can I access the mock test for HRBP Advanced?

How can I access the mock test for HRBP Advanced?

In order to unlock the HRBP Advanced mock test, you need to complete the following courses:  

  1. Competency Mapping 

  2. Behavioural Event Interviewing

  3. Talent Acquisition

  4. Managing and Appraising Performance

  5. Compensation & Benefits Planning

  6. Job Analysis

  7. Employee Engagement

  8. HR Policies

  9. HR Operations

  10. Learning and Development

The procedure to complete these courses is as follows:

Let’s say, you begin with Competency Mapping. To complete the course, visit every lesson in each episode and after you finish the lesson containing video/courseware/quiz, click on ‘mark complete’.

After you mark each lesson of every episode as complete, the lessons will have a strikethrough and a green tick on them. This contributes to the completion percentage of the course.

If you haven’t finished an episode, it will have the ‘in progress’ status.

If you have marked an episode complete, this ‘in progress’ status changes to ‘complete’.

As soon as you have finished the course and have marked every episode as complete, your course completion percentage will be shown as 100%. 

*Note: This may not reflect instantly and may take some time to update. If it continues showing the old percentage of course completion after waiting for a while, you can try clearing your browser’s cache. In some cases, you may want to skip a particular lesson in a course.  However, you will still need to open the lesson once and mark it complete in order to access the mock test.

You need to repeat the same procedure for all the other courses in order to activate the mock test.

Advantages of marking an episode as complete are:

  • You can keep track of your progress in the course.

  • Clicking on mark complete automatically leads you to the next episode, this saves time if you are planning to finish more than one episode in a single go.

Once you have completed all the above-mentioned courses, you can access the mock test added to your dashboard.