How can I know about the schedule for my certification?

How can I know about the schedule for my certification?

To stay informed about the schedule of events and activities, we have convenient calendars available in the Academy. Depending on the certification or membership you are enrolled in, you can access the relevant calendar to view upcoming events and online Bootcamps.

Here's how you can check the schedule:

  1. HRBP Advanced Certification: If you are registered for the HRBP Advanced certification, you can find the schedule for online Bootcamps by visiting this link: Online Bootcamps.

  2. HR Analytics Certification: For participants enrolled in the HR Analytics certification, you can check the schedule for HR Analytics online Bootcamps by clicking here: HR Analytics Bootcamps.

  3. Generative AI Certification: If you are registered for the Generative AI certification, you can access the schedule by clicking here: Generative AI Bootcamps.

  4. CPD Membership: For those with an active CPD membership, you can find the CPD Membership calendar by clicking here: CPD Membership Calendar.

  5. Similarly for different specialization participants, calendars will be visible in their respective 'My Certifications' area.

Please note that to view the calendars, you must be logged in to your Academy account. Once logged in, you can easily check the schedule and plan your participation in the upcoming events and Bootcamps.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with accessing the schedule, feel free to reach out to our support team. We are dedicated to providing you with a seamless learning experience at CHRMP.

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