How can I receive support during the certification exam?

How can I receive support during the certification exam?

At CHRMP, we understand the importance of providing prompt support to our candidates during their certification exams. We have partnered with Mercer Mettl, a trusted examination platform, to ensure a smooth and seamless exam experience. In this support article, we will guide you on how to receive assistance in case of any technical issues during the certification exam and provide you with the relevant contact information.

Receiving Support During the Certification Exam:

  1. Technical Support Helpline:

    • In the event of any technical difficulties during your certification exam, we recommend contacting the dedicated technical support helpline provided by Mercer Mettl. If you are an Indian candidate, we advise reaching out to the Indian helpline number at: 080-47189190.
    • For international candidates, please use the helpline number +18002656038.
    1. In the rare event of a power or internet disruption during your exam, rest assured that the exam platform is designed to handle such situations. If your power is disrupted, the exam timer will pause, and you can resume the exam once the power is restored.

    2. Please note that if there is a power disruption, your exam pauses along with the test timer and you may begin when it is back. If the power does not return within 30 minutes, you will have to write to and then wait for them to enable the exam again. It might take some time!

    3. Email Support:

      • If you encounter any technical issues during your exam, you can also seek support by emailing
      • To ensure prompt assistance, please include in the cc field of your email, allowing our CHRMP team to stay informed about your technical concern.

    We prioritize providing timely support to our candidates during their CHRMP certification exams. If you encounter any technical difficulties, we encourage you to reach out to the dedicated technical support helpline or email provided above. Our partnership with Mercer Mettl ensures that you receive the necessary assistance to resolve any technical issues promptly. Rest assured that we are here to support you throughout your certification journey. Good luck with your CHRMP certification exam, and feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.