How can I renew my CPD membership to CHRMP Academy?

How can I renew my CPD membership to CHRMP Academy?

To renew your CHRMP Academy membership, visit
Log in with your credentials. On the top of the page, you will see a drop-down menu next to your name.
Click on the drop-down menu and then click on 'My CPD Membership' and click on 'Membership Info'.

Your page will look something like the image below.

Next, you will have to click on 'Renew Now'.
You will be redirected to the CPD Membership page where you need to click on 'Plan & Pricing'.

After clicking on 'Plan & Pricing' you should be able to see the CPD Membership plans.

 Once you have made the choice, click on 'Join Now'.

The CPD membership will be added to your cart and you can checkout after entering your details. To proceed with the payment, enter your card details and then click on 'Place Order Now'.
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