How can I reschedule my CHRMP certification exam?

How can I reschedule my CHRMP certification exam?

Rescheduling your CHRMP certification exam is possible, and at CHRMP, we take the certification process seriously. Please find below the steps to reschedule your CHRMP certification exam:

Rescheduling Process:To reschedule your exam, kindly send an email to
  1. Make sure to submit your rescheduling request at least 2 days prior to your original exam date.

  2. In your email, provide details such as your name, CHRMP certification program, and the reason for rescheduling.

  3. Important Considerations for the certification exam:

    • Please note that rescheduling requests cannot be accommodated on the day of the exam.
    • Rescheduling is only allowed once for each candidate.
    • If you do not appear for the exam on the originally scheduled date without rescheduling, it will be considered as one attempt.
  4. Exam Availability and Resources:

    • The exam links provided are active for 24 hours on the scheduled date.
    • You can take the exam within this timeframe, ensuring you have the necessary resources available, such as a laptop, reliable internet connection, and electricity.
    • We recommend arranging everything in advance to avoid any last-minute challenges.
  5. Internet Connection and Power Outages:

    • It is essential to have a stable internet connection throughout the duration of the exam.
    • Please note that CHRMP does not entertain rescheduling requests due to power outages or lack of internet connection.
    • We advise candidates to be prepared in advance for such situations to ensure a smooth exam experience.
  6. Reexamination Fees:

    • In the event that you miss the scheduled certification exam, you will be required to pay the reexamination fees.
    • It is important to honor your commitment to the exam and make every effort to be present on the scheduled date.

We encourage candidates to plan accordingly and take the necessary precautions to ensure a successful exam experience. Should you require any further assistance or have any specific concerns regarding rescheduling, please reach out to our support team at We are here to support you throughout your CHRMP certification journey.

Please note that no rescheduling request reaching us less than 2 days prior to the date of exam will be entertained.