How can I share my digital certificate on Linkedin?

How can I share my digital certificate on Linkedin?

  1. When your certificate is released by the team you will receive a mail from Accedible that will appear like the below image in your mailbox. Please search spam, junk and other folders for a mail from Ripples Learning (CHRMP) ( as well. You should open the mail.

It will also have your certification name instead of Generative AI in HR in the image. The body of the email will appear like the below image:

To share the certificate on Linkedin, you may follow the following steps after viewing the credential:

The above image shows the options using which you can share the certificate on Linkedin.
Option 1: Clicking the icon will allow you to share the certificate as a post/private message. The below poo up will be visible and you can choose to either share the certiifcaTe in a post or as private message..

Option 2: When you click on the below icon, a screen pops up that shows you multiple options: 

Option 1 -> Add certificate to your own profile. You will have to enter the certification name, issuing organisation, issue date, expiration date, and credential id. They are all mentioned on your certificate.
Option 2 -> Share the certificate as a post on Linkedin.
Option 3 -> Send direct link to your certificate.  Clicking the link will help them access your certificate.