How do I mark a course as complete?

How do I mark a course as complete?

The procedure to complete a course is as follows:

Let’s take Competency Mapping as an example. In order to complete the course, you have to visit every lesson in each episode and after you have finished the lesson containing video/courseware/quiz, kindly click on ‘mark complete’.

After you mark each lesson of every episode as complete, the lessons will have a strikethrough and a green tick on them. This contributes to the completion percentage of the course.

If you haven’t finished an episode, it will have the ‘in progress’ status.

If you have marked an episode complete, this ‘in progress’ status changes to ‘complete’.

As soon as you have finished the course and have marked every episode as complete, your course completion percentage will be shown as 100%. This is applicable across all courses of CHRMP.

*Note: This may not reflect instantly and may take some time to update.