I am interested in networking with CHRMP Alumni, how can I do it?

I am interested in networking with CHRMP Alumni, how can I do it?

CHRMP prides itself on its growing HR Community, through which HR professionals can network, connect and collaborate with other professionals of the HR domain.

This network acts as a vital resource, which results in opportunities and assistance.

You can network with the CHRMP Alumni by:

Linking your digital credential on LinkedIn.

Joining the CHRMP’s Job Share platform which is a crowdsourced group for sharing job openings only in the domain of HR. 

Joining the CPD Membership.

Engaging in the CHRMP Academy. In the academy, you can find thousands of CHRMPians and get in touch with them through forums and discussions or by messages.

CHRMP has Telegram groups. Once you enrol with us you will receive an invite link to the CHRMP Academy Telegram group.
After you have cleared the exam and obtained your certification you can join the alumni group.
We also have alumni meets for our participants which gives them the opportunity to network with fellow professionals.

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