I am interested in the certification, what is the enrollment process?

I am interested in the certification, what is the enrollment process?

We appreciate your interest in the CHRMP certification! To ensure a seamless enrollment process and provide you with a smooth learning experience, our CHRMP Advisors are here to guide you every step of the way. They possess the expertise and knowledge to assist you in making an informed decision and selecting the right certification based on your career aspirations and goals. Our dedicated consultants will answer any questions you may have and provide personalized guidance throughout the enrollment process.

Additionally, if you prefer a self-service option, you can easily enroll for the certification of your choice directly through our website. Let me walk you through the procedure:.

Step 1: Click on ‘Programs’ and from the dropdown menu select ‘Mid Career’ and then ‘HRBP Advanced’.

*For the CHRMP Foundation, click on ‘Early Career’.

Similarly, for specialisations in BEI, Competency Mapping, Talent Acquisition etc. click on ‘Specialisations’.

Step 2: Click on ‘Enroll Now’.

Step 3: Scroll down to where you can see the pricing information.

Step 4: Click on  under HRBP Advanced.

Step 5: Enter your shipping information. Enter coupon code for discounts if applicable.

Step 4: Proceed to checkout, click ‘Place Order Now’.

Alternately, you may also contact our advisers for free consultation and complete the process.

*This procedure remains the same for any CHRMP course you wish to enrol for.
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