How can I clarify my doubts on a topic/subject in a self-paced program?

How can I clarify my doubts on a topic/subject in a self-paced program?

The self paced CHRMP course is designed to ensure that a continuous two way communication is maintained. 

Here are some ways in which you can resolve your doubts and queries while undergoing the learning.

Option 1:  Deep Dive Sessions 

Deep Dive Sessions are live, interactive weekly sessions on a particular topic conducted by an HR Expert. It covers the same curriculum as the syllabus, but the learning format is interactive where you participate in question based discussions and in-class-projects. 

The schedule for upcoming Deep Dive sessions and past Deep Dive session recordings will be available within the Academy under “My Courses”

Option 2: Contextual Comments in the courses

While going through the learning videos, material or the quiz- if you have any questions, you can ask those questions by commenting on the chapter itself.

Facilitator and experts from CHRMP will respond to those questions within one working day. You will also be able to see the past questions asked and answered; further clarifying the topic to you.

Option 3: Forums
You can discuss a topic or give the opinion about something or provide useful information that can help other people and solve their problems or doubts. 

Option 4: Parallel Channels (email, WhatsApp, Telegram)
We have groups on WhatsApp and Telegram with a very warm environment. You can chat, raise queries and present ideas in our groups. You can also reach us via email at