What are the various benefits of CPD Membership?

What are the various benefits of CPD Membership?

With CPD Membership you get access to the following benefits: 

Virtual Live CPD Masterclasses: 12 new CPD Masterclasses happen per month.
The topics of the masterclasses are discussed in detail using real-world examples, case studies and group activities.
You can also access the recordings of more than 80 past CPD Masterclasses.

Member Special Events: Exclusive events like expert speak, awards, panel discussions and best practices sharing sessions are conducted exclusively for our CPD Community. These events provide you with unending opportunities to share and learn from the best in the industry.

CPD Resource Hub: The resource hub is where you will find all the video recordings of past webinars and masterclasses.
You can watch these videos at your own pace.
Resource Hub has a collection of well-researched resources, tool kits and job aids like email templates, policy templates that enable you to perform your HR role more effectively. 

Discussion Forums: Engage in interesting discussions with your fellow colleagues and mentors on various HR topics and refine your competencies.

Professional Networking: Opportunity to network with peers and HR stalwarts in the elite community of HR.

Events: Plan your learning calendar well in advance by visiting the "Events" section to know about the upcoming CPD Masterclasses and register for the same.
Not only this, for every new session that is to be conducted, we will send you a reminder so that you never miss the live event.

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