What do the digital certificate and digital badge look like?

What do the digital certificate and digital badge look like?

The CHRMP digital certificate and digital badge are symbols of your accomplishments, showcasing your expertise in the field of Human Resources. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

🏅 Digital Certificate:
The CHRMP digital certificate is a beautifully designed document that represents your official certification. It includes the CHRMP logo, your name, the certification program you completed, and the date of issuance. The certificate is digitally signed, ensuring its authenticity and validity.

Components of the digital certificate include:

  • A QR code at the bottom left

  • A certification code towards the right

  • The certification name in the centre

🎓 Digital Badge:

The CHRMP digital badge is a visually appealing, dynamic emblem that complements your digital certificate. It incorporates the CHRMP logo along with icons representing your specific certification program. The badge is shareable on various platforms, making it a great addition to your online profiles, including LinkedIn.

Both the digital certificate and digital badge are verifiable and secured using Blockchain technology, ensuring that the information they display is always accurate and up-to-date. They are your badges of honor, reflecting your commitment to continuous learning and professional development in the HR domain.

Display your CHRMP digital certificate and badge with pride, as they represent your dedication to excellence and serve as a testament to your expertise in the realm of Human Resources.

However, these designs might change over time. You can also visit www.chrmp.com for the updated certificate/badge design.