What is the learning methodology that I can follow?

What is the learning methodology that I can follow?

We understand that everyone has unique learning preferences, and that's why we offer multiple approaches to cater to your needs. Here are the various ways you can enhance your learning experience with CHRMP:

Flip the Classroom:

Immerse yourself in our engaging Bootcamp sessions and complement your knowledge with self-paced videos. Watch the videos before attending the live interactive sessions to reinforce your understanding and actively participate in discussions.

Customized Self-Paced Learning:

Prefer to set your learning pace? Dive into our self-paced videos independently, absorbing the content at your convenience. You can still join Bootcamp sessions to enrich your insights further.

Interactive Bootcamps:

Join our live Bootcamp sessions and interact with expert instructors in real-time. Afterward, access self-paced videos to review and consolidate your learning.

Independent Learning:

Choose to learn independently by watching self-paced video tutorials and attending deep dive sessions separately. The content remains consistent, allowing you to tailor your learning approach.

Exam-Focused Learning:

Opt for a more focused approach by primarily learning from self-paced videos and then taking the certification exam. Even after passing, continue attending deep dive sessions to stay updated and reinforce knowledge.

At CHRMP, we empower learners like you to choose the methodology that best suits your style. Together, let's unlock your potential in the dynamic world of Human Resources. Discover the freedom of learning with CHRMP today! Our team is here to support you at every step of your journey.