Why is recertification required and what is its process?

Why is recertification required and what is its process?

Recertification is an essential process at CHRMP to ensure the ongoing validity and relevance of your certification. As with any global certification, CHRMP certification holders need to periodically validate their skills and competencies to maintain their credentials' credibility.

At the time of accreditation, CHRMP certifies that you possess specific skills and competencies required in the HR domain. However, these competencies need to be reaffirmed over time to ensure that you stay up-to-date with the evolving HR landscape.

The recertification process at CHRMP is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free. You can obtain recertification by demonstrating continued experience and practice in the field of HR. This can be achieved by providing evidence of ongoing involvement in HR roles, such as an employer's certificate, experience certificate, or proof of undertaking HR projects in your organization or in a consulting capacity on official letterhead.

For those who cannot furnish such evidence of ongoing HR practice, a re-examination might be required to validate your competencies. Rest assured that CHRMP will support you through this process, making it easy and smooth.

As part of our commitment to your continuous professional development, CHRMP currently offers recertification as a complimentary service. This means that in the year 2026, you will not be charged any fee for undergoing the recertification process. The fee you have paid covers your course access for one year, one exam attempt, and the 2026 recertification.

By participating in the recertification process, you demonstrate your dedication to staying current in the HR domain and showcase your commitment to maintaining your CHRMP credentials. Recertification not only validates your expertise but also reflects your commitment to excellence in your HR career. You may write to exam@chrmp.com for any query related to the same.

At CHRMP, we value your continuous growth and development, and we are dedicated to supporting you in every step of your certification journey. The recertification process is an opportunity for you to reaffirm your skills, stay relevant in the HR field, and reinforce your status as a Certified Human Resource Management Professional.